Grasscove sprang from the idea that designing and developing beautiful and elegant products should be a priority of every individual in an organization. The products we develop are designed for the best user experience possible while maintaining utility of application. We are purists and we truly believe that writing good secure code and designing well thought out interfaces is key to helping you enjoy your experience with our products. This is exactly what makes our products fun to make, and fun to use. We take extreme pride at providing the best applications for not just our use, but yours too.
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[ OS X 10.10+ ]
At Hack3r we have several machines setup for people to hack on, so we were constantly opening up new terminals to tail syslog. We needed a way to view remote log files. So we built Survlog. Survlog is a convenient OS X application to store log file locations and essentially tail those files. Some of the interesting features include grid view, for viewing all of your log files in one window (for those of us that need to watch 3-4 log files at once). The ability to see local and remote log files(Using SSH and OS X Keychain). Think of it like a bookmarking tool with quick instant access to your most needed logs. Survlog is currently in a public beta stage, so click that download link if you wish to try Survlog. If you wish to give feedback, please email

bookmark capabilities

With survlog, you now have the ability to store remote and local log file information in a bookmarking fashion. If you find yourself scrummaging for a file, a password, or even a certain IP, just add it to survlog. Viewing remote log files has never been easier.
local and remote file capabilities

Local and Remote
One advantage Survlog has over Apple's is that Survlog can read remote files. This is really handy if all of your servers are on the cloud.
os x keychain capabilities

OS X Keychain
Worried about security? Survlog utilizes OS X Keychain to store your passwords to remote servers. Of course, you can opt out of storing the password, and always be asked.
syncing capabilities

Do you use MobileMe? If so, Survlog leverages OS X Keychain, and Preferences APIS to sync this information to MobileMe, allowing you to access the same log files across multiple computers.

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[ iPhone + Android ]
We basically said, lets write an iPhone app for the game Catch Phrase. You know, the charades for words, kind of like Taboo. Well, we loved playing Catch Phrase around campfires, waiting in line at the movies, not to mention getting through those long, drawn out college lectures and since Apple's iPhone promotion is, "There's an app for that", we came together to give you Name That. Currently it can support teams, tracking number of wins, word categories, and continuous updates to the word bank. It was our first shot at an iPhone app, and if it is even half as fun as it was to build, we will be happy.

name that in-game
name that categories list
name that settings